Monoblock wheels

WALBO RAILWAY is exclusive representative of the Ukrainian manufacturer of monoblock wheels KLW-Wheelco SA on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian markets. We supply freight, passenger, and locomotive wheels of this proven and long-time manufacturer.

KLW is the trademark of the Ukrainian manufacturer Interpipe based in Dnipropetrovsk. This traditional supplier has been producing railway wheels since 1935. It has its own production facilities for the complete production of rolled wheels. The annual production is in the order of 500 thousand. The main customers of KLW are the Russian and Indian Railways, Class I Railroads in the US, and Deutsche Bahn.

In 2015, the company invested considerable funds in the construction of new wheel machining line, so it is now directly in the Ukraine capable of machining the most complex types of driving or locomotive wheels, including drilling holes to the wheel plate. The planned investment was also directed to new measuring devices and automatic devices for magnetic and ultrasonic testing to guarantee high quality of the produced wheels.

KLW has all the major quality certificates - ISO, IRIS, AAR, as well as railway certificates, the most important of which is the DB certificate.

Monoblock wheels

Types by use:
tram, for passenger and freight wagons, for driving units (EMU, DMU), locomotive

Types according to design:
flat plate, with stress-optimized curved plate, with holes in the wheel plate for mounting of brake discs or noise absorbers

outer diameter from 500 to 1250 mm

ER7, ER8, ER9, or others according to the customer\'s request

EN 13262 + A2

Oil (Safe Coat), Wax (Tectyl), Primer or Multi Layer Coating (Spraying)

on pallets, secured against movement