We are capable to produce all types of wheelsets on our new wheelsets assembling line:

  • Wheelsets for freight wagons (BA004, BA303, BA314)
  • Driven wheelsets for passenger wagons (with pressed brake discs)
  • Driving wheelsets for EMU and DMU units (including pressing of gear boxes)
  • Driving wheelsets for locomotives

Our line is equipped by state of art press MAE with automatic measuring system, dynamic balancing machine, device for measuring of electric resistance of wheelsets and by painting cabin. The high-quality equipment of our line, together with long time experiences of our workers guarantee the top quality of wheelsets produced by WALBO.


Types by use:
freight wagons, passenger wagons, EMU and DMU units, locomotives

Types according to design:
wheelsets including pressed brake discs, wheelsets including pressed gear boxes, locomotive wheelsets

wheelsets with axle length from 1400 to 2600 mm, diameter of wheels from 500 to 1 300 mm

all materials in accordance with EN standard

EN 13260, TSI

coating in accordance with customer requirements and in accordance with VPI standards

on pallets