About Us

WALBO RAILWAY belonging to the WALBO GROUP, is a purely Czech company. It was established in 2017. The company mainly engages in the production of railway axles and wheelsets, using state-of-the-art technology.

Our modern axle line is designed to produce a full range of axles, from axles for freight wagons, through driving axles for passenger wagons, trams and metro cars, to complex locomotive axles. As a matter of course, the production complies with all the parameters required by applicable standards and drawings.

In the production plant in Karviná, we have also a line for pressing of wheelsets, which is equipped with a state-of-the-art MAE double-sided press. Using this machine, we press wheelsets for freight wagons, wheelsets for passenger wagons and for locomotives too. The line is also equipped with dynamic wheelset balancing machine and by device for the measuring of electrical resistance. The wheelsets are then coated in a painting cabin. In September 2020, we additionally began the assembly of bearings and axle boxes on the wheelsets manufactured by us.

Beside to the above products, we also supply rail wheels and tyres that we are able to machine using our own new carousel, and perform non-destructive testing of these products by using of modern devices in accordance with the relevant standards.

WALBO RAILWAY has an implemented quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard certified by TŰV Rheinland and holds the Certificate of Competence of the Supplier of Axles and Wheelsets for Czech and Slovak Railways. Our company is also certified by AAR for Axle Production. Freight wagon axles and wheelsets are certified in accordance with TSI requirements, as well.