About Us

WALBO RAILWAY is a Czech company and is member of group WALBO GROUP. Our company was established in 2016. The core of our company’s activities is the supply of monoblock wheels, axles, wheelsets and tyres in large and small series.

In 2018 we began building our own, semi-automated line for the production of railway axles and by early 2019 we were able to produce our first order. The line is designed to produce a complete range of axles, from axles for freight wagons, tram, driving axles for passenger carriages to more complex locomotive axles. Keeping of required parameters and technical specifications during all production process is obvious for us.

The main objective of our company’s employees is to meet even the most demanding requirements, particularly when designing, producing and delivering the products mentioned. It is our top priority to adhere to the required quality.

WALBO RAILWAY has an established quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2016 standard issued by TŰV Rheinland and holds the Certificate of Competence of Wheels and Axle Supplier for Czech and Slovak Railways.